Happy Hippo Full Spectrum Kratom Shot gives you an energy boost when you are down. 

Each 10ml bottle contains 60mg mitragynine and offers a sour apple flavor. Enjoy the fast and clean energy without jitters.

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Happy Hippo Full Spectrum Kratom Shot is a concentrated kratom extract shot packed in a 10ml bottle. It is a full-spectrum extract shot containing all alkaloids found in the kratom plant. 

Instead of isolating mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine, Happy Hippo extracts all alkaloids together to ensure users feel the kratom plant’s full benefit. This extract shot contains 60mg mitragynine, equivalent to 4 grams of leaf powder. 

How to take a liquid extract shot?

Happy Hippo Liquid Extract Shot is a highly concentrated product that is more potent than a kratom powder. If trying this shot for the first time, take half the bottle and assess your tolerance. These kratom extract shots can be taken in one quick gulp, like 5-hour energy drinks. Moreover, you can add this shot to another drink to mask the bitter taste. 

Veteran users can take the entire shot in one go. But kratom liquid extracts are highly concentrated and can easily be overdosed. Starting small and increase in small amounts can prove your best bet to enjoy kratom effects. 

Product Features
  • Full-spectrum kratom extract
  • Packed in a 10ml bottle
  • Sour Apple flavor
  • Extracted with organic, non-GMO ethanol
  • Purchase a bottle or a box of 12 bottles
Additional information

Single Bottle, Full Case (12ct)


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