Each bag contains six chews which offer 20mg of kratom extract per toffee. They are convenient, easy, and outrightly delicious to take a kratom dose. 

Each toffee is wrapped individually and is perfect for a convenient, discreet, on-the-go experience. These tasty treats are the best for individuals who dislike bitter kratom taste.

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Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews offer a delicious and convenient way to take your daily kratom dose. These gummies are similar to childhood candies, you used to see on grandma’s kitchen table in a bowl. Mimicking those little tasty treats, these taffy chews offer a potent kratom dose. 

You will get six chew candies in a bag and each of them contains 20mg of full-spectrum kratom extract. These candies are very similar to Hush Kratom Caramels but have a distinctive flavor. 

Why Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews?

These kratom chews boast a delightful taste and are super easy to take. Happy Hippo used pure mitragynine alkaloids harvested from the kratom leaf. These gummies are very potent. Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews are equally safe. Happy Hippo treats all their products at 170 degrees to kill pathogens and maintain an alkaloid profile. They test their products for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals. 

The purity of their products is second to none. These taffy chews are free from additives and inferior botanical fillers. 

What is full-spectrum kratom taffy?

The way kratom is extracted from the plant defines its alkaloid profile. The kratom plant contains over 40 alkaloids and two of them are the most potent ones – mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine. They are responsible for the main effects and properties of the kratom plant. Some companies just extract two of these and infused them into their products. This way extracted kratom is called regular kratom extract. 

On the other hand, Happy Hippo extracts the entire leaf and all of its alkaloids. The presence of a wide range of alkaloids interacts synergistically just like CBD’s compounds to produce potent effects and benefits. The differences between full-spectrum and regular kratom are minor. Full-spectrum offers more mood-boosting properties and pleasant body vibes.

How to dose Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews?

One taffy is equivalent to two grams of loose kratom powder. Start with one taffy to see the effects and do not exceed more than two taffies in a day. Beginning small and gradually increasing till you find your sweet spot. 

Product Features
  • Delicious toffee flavor
  • 20mg mitragynine per gummy
  • Convenient

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