Whole Herbs Kratom Powder offers users a range of wellness benefits that can help to take your wellness to the next level.

This kratom powder with seven varying strain profiles ensures there is something for everyone.


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Whole Herbs Kratom Powder

Whole Herbs Kratom Powder is finally available at the Great Kratom Shop. We take pride in introducing the products from one of the most trusted companies in the USA.

Why Choose Whole Herbs?

Whole Herbs is known for quality kratom products that can provide users with effective wellness support. Not only do they offer a wide variety of strains in capsules and powder form, but they also offer 100% organic GMO-free premium kratom plants.   

They get their products tested from third-party independent labs to ensure high quality and consistency. 

Kratom offer varying wellness benefits including better sleep, enhanced focus, and uplifted mood depending upon what type of strain you use. 

Strain profiles

Whole Herbs Kratom Powder comes in seven varying strain profiles offering a range of benefits. They offer you the choice and freedom to choose the strains that best match your needs and preferences. 

  • Green Vein Indo
  • Yellow Vein Indo
  • Red Vein Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Malay
  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Green Vein Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Bali
Benefits of Kratom

This kratom powder comes in a variety of strain profiles. You can get varying wellness benefits by incorporating kratom powder by Whole Herbs into your daily routine. Some of the major benefits of using kratom includes.

  • Prolonged Energy
  • Better Sleep (When using sedative like strains)
  • Better Immunity
Additional information

Green Vein Indo, Yellow Vein Indo, Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, Green Vein Borneo, Green Vein Maeng Da, Red Vein Bali


3.5 Oz (100g), 80 Oz (224g)


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