What is a kratom hangover, and how to recover quickly from it?

kratom hangover

A hangover is a reaction to overdosing on a substance such as alcohol. This overindulgence may result in users experiencing physical and cognitive issues. The physical symptoms of a hangover include dehydration, nausea, weakness, headaches, muscle aches, sleeping problems, and more.

While irritability, anxiety, depression, and problems with memory and attention may also come with a hangover.

Hangovers are not exclusive to alcoholic reactions, as many of us think. Taking too much kratom or getting your herb-fix in a state of dehydration may result in undesired effects. Overdosing on this natural substance may result in restless and sick mornings.

Are you interested to know more about kratom hangovers and how to control them? Continue reading this article.

What is kratom?

what is kratom

Kratom, a close relative of the coffee tree, is a natural herb found in Southeast Asian countries. People have been using the leaves of the kratom plant for centuries as an herbal cure and a stimulant. Recently, the manufacturers crush kratom leaves to a fine powder and offer users various products. Now you can use powder, capsules, kratom extracts, and gummies.

What is a kratom hangover?

what is kratom hangover

Consuming too much kratom may result in undesirable effects such as debilitating headaches. Now the question is, why does kratom give you a hangover? The answer is an excessive user of everything is terrible, and so is true about the kratom products.

Taking a moderate amount of kratom suitable to your tolerance level and needs will never make you feel a kratom hangover. Overdoing it may result in you feeling several undesirable symptoms.

Symptoms of kratom hangover

symptoms of kratom hangover

Kratom hangovers result from overdosing on the substance, and you can easily detect its symptoms. Whenever you feel irritated, sick, and confused in the morning, you probably are experiencing the kratom hangover symptoms. The common signs of a hangover include the following.

  • Anxiety and appetite loss
  • Lethargy and headache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Dry mouth and crump muscle
  • Mood swings and irritation
  • Itching and sweating
  • Anxiousness and diarrhea

How to avoid a kratom hangover?

Hangovers are not likely as long as you take a moderate dosage of kratom. You can avoid these undesired effects by taking an adequate dose of a highly pure kratom product.

Purchasing a pure product and taking a limited amount of it may prove your best bet against a hangover. In addition to overdosing, impurities present in a product may also cause a hangover. Exercising moderation and purchasing impurities-free products can help you mitigate the risk of a kratom hangover.

How to recover from a kratom hangover?

how to recover from kratom hangover

Once the kratom hangover sets in, its symptoms are harsh, and people want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you wake up in an irritating state, try the following to get relief from your symptoms.


kratom hydration

Dehydration is among the leading causes of hangovers. Drinking plenty of water can help dilute the excessive concentration of kratom and bring your body back to its normal state.


kratom relaxing to avoid kratom

The chemical effects can cause mood irritabilities leading users to freak out over mild disturbances. By relaxing, you can help your body overcome hangover-related mood effects. Give yourself a talk therapy. Telling yourself that the stressful state will be over and you will be normal again can help calm your nerves.


food to avoid kratom hangover

Taking an adequate food intake may help to restore your lost energy level; therefore, never go on a hunger strike when a hangover hits you. Eating protein-rich can also help you recover from hangover symptoms.


exercise to avoid kratom hangover

Exercise works well to reduce the unpleasant hangover symptoms. Running, stretching, or any mild exercise may prove beneficial for getting relief. The exercise releases any built-up frustration and reduces the level of toxins much quicker by improving blood circulation.


sleep to avoid kratom hangover

When stress keeps building up, and you start feeling even more anxious, it is time to reboot your system. Taking a good sleep can surely help release your stress and other troublesome hangover symptoms.

Are kratom hangovers real?

are kratom hangovers real

Some people wonder how comes an herb causes hangovers. People use kratom for various reasons, such as medicinal and recreational uses.

Even though this substance is natural, the overuse may lead you to deal with unpleasant symptoms. You may risk losing the wellness effects and medicinal properties by overdoing kratom. Restraint is the best strategy to enjoy truly your kratom intake; never overdose on it, no matter how strong the temptation to take more.

Kratom hangover vs other hangovers

The kratom hangovers are slightly different from the others, such as alcoholic hangovers. Overusing the substance inadvertently or knowingly causes excessive amounts of kratom inside the body. You find it tough to get up early in the morning.

The symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, and spinning heads can make it hard for you and severely disrupt your daily routine. However, kratom hangovers are not as severe and unbearable as alcoholic hangovers.

The kratom hangovers are individual-specific; some users might get odd feelings after getting up in the morning, and the others don’t feel symptoms at all.

Kratom hangover vs withdrawal

Do you know the difference between hangovers and withdrawal? The withdrawal is dangerous as it shows one becomes addicted to the substance. The distinction between hangover and withdrawal is critical to get hold of the real issue.

The frequent overconsumption may create dependence which is evident from specific symptoms. These symptoms indicate your kratom dependence and can not function without it. Runny nose, muscle aches, joint or bone pain, hostility, aggression, and mood swings are common symptoms of kratom withdrawal.

The withdrawal symptoms are more dangerous than hangovers. The problems related to addiction take time to go away, while hangover symptoms can quickly subside.

Stopping kratom intake abruptly could be challenging for the recurrent users; they need some time to get out of this state. Learning to control your desires and understanding body response is critical in getting rid of withdrawal symptoms. Reducing your intake slowly instead of eliminating it is the key to battling the kratom addiction.

Rare side effects

Combining kratom with other drugs may induce severe headaches and communication issues such as a delirious state. The substance may transfer to newborn babies through the placenta or breastfeeding from a mother who uses kratom. Pregnant mothers and those with medical history should carefully use this substance in moderate quantities.

Final thoughts

final thoughts on kratom hangover

Kratom hangovers are common to individuals who enjoy a herbal kick once in a while. However, taking care of your dose and other factors can save you from unpleasant hangover effects. Understanding the difference between withdrawal and hangover is critical to dealing with the undesired symptoms.

Kratom hangovers appear when users overdose on their intake, the adequate kratom dose never leaves you to feel painful kratom hangover symptoms. Whenever you get troublesome hangovers, try to find out, if you are taking the correct dosage. Following the guidelines to keep your consumption under control can keep you safe from pesky hangover effects.