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Can kratom help to ease social anxiety? What strains should you choose?

Feeling uncomfortable while facing a public gathering is natural; you may get nervous before giving a speech or meeting people for the first time. But when you get this feeling under normal circumstances, you probably suffer from social anxiety.

Many people suffer from social anxiety and want a natural solution to overcome these issues. Such people suffer from fear of being judged by others. Interacting with people around them becomes a challenge for them.

Kratom is a natural herb that boasts numerous beneficial effects. An appropriate dose of a suitable strain can help you overcome feelings of social anxiety. The following lines shed light on the best kratom strains for social anxiety and how they combat these feelings. 

What is kratom?

what is kratom

Kratom is a naturally grown plant found in the jungles of the Fareast Asian countries. It does not offer an exact cure for social anxiety, but it alleviates some of the symptoms associated with this condition. Its ability to act as a stimulant and deliver analgesic and pain-relieving effects cause multiple benefits for the brain and body. 

Small doses of kratom act as a stimulant, boost energy levels and increase alertness to make people feel comfortable during social interactions. People suffering from chronic pain can get relief from kratom. 

Kratom strains

kratom strains

Experts categorize kratom into numerous strains based on the color of veins and their geographical location. The most common strains of kratom are white, green, and red. 

The kratom strains vary in alkaloid contents and produce different effects. Some strains of this herb produce stimulation, while others cause euphoria.

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How does kratom work to relieve social anxiety?

how does kratom works to relieve social anxiety

Kratom triggers dopamine in the human body, which causes users to feel happy, confident, and relaxed. Excessive release of dopamine can cause euphoria and stimulation, which is why a small amount of kratom is the best to get relief from social anxiety.

Kratom relieves feelings of stress, pain, and tension by acting as an opioid blocker similar to anti-anxiety medications. Kratom is a natural herb that helps users relieve stress and pain without causing addiction and other side effects. People choose kratom over conventional over-the-counter drugs. 

It is critical to undertake some research and choose the correct kratom strain to enjoy the real benefits. The lower doses of kratom produce stimulant effects that are opposite to anti-anxiety pills. Many strains of kratom offer a boost in energy that can enhance social anxiety instead of relieving it. 

When the users choose strains with relaxing and sedating effects, they experience nerve relaxation and a boost in their self-confidence. 

Best kratom strains for social anxiety

best kratom strains for social anxiety

Kratom leaves come packed with various compounds called alkaloids, but two of them are the most famous – mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine. Strains containing higher concentrations of hydroxy mitragynine are an idea to get relief from social anxiety. Below is a list of five kratom strains boasting high amounts of hydroxy mitragynine that can help to relieve social anxiety symptoms.

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Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom is the most effective strain among all kratom strains to address social anxiety. It encourages users during social interactions, and for this reason, it is called a social lubricant. 

It diffuses the pressure off the users and makes them feel relaxed, calm, and alert to stay connected. The alkaloids in Green Malay offer a combination of stimulation and euphoria that prompts users to push away negativities and focus on what matters.

It is an ideal strain to begin your day. You will get enough energy and motivation to take on your daily tasks with incredible determination.

The green Malay strain is perfect for users who experience mild to moderate symptoms of social anxiety.

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Maeng Da Kratom

maeng da kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is popular content because of its high alkaloid content. It is a highly potent strain that can help users relieve nervousness and anxiety during social interactions. It encourages users to interact with people around them, uplifts their moods, and makes them feel energetic.

The users appreciate Maeng Da’s potential to create stimulation without side effects. Better mood, increased focus, and less anxiety – all with one strain. 

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Red Bali Kratom

red bali

Red Bali Kratom hails from the Bali region of Southeast Asia. This strain provides excellent relief against social anxiety with effects similar to opioids. That means you can get relaxation and calm without the side effects of opioids.

It produces a euphoria that helps you to maintain calm and composure. It prompts users to interact by lifting the undue pressure off them. This strain is also ideal for enjoying a sense of wellness. 

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Red Borneo

red borneo

This strain possesses properties that help users to relax their nerves and feel calm during complex social situations. Red Borneo is an ideal strain for people who suffer from excessive sweating and forgetfulness. The users feel incredible relief and energy as it relieves pain and fatigue from depression. 

This strain calms your anxious nerves and allows your brain to exert greater control over your body, enabling you better deal with social pressure. 

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Kratom dose for social anxiety

kratom dose for social anxiety

Determining the correct dose is essential to enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom. More is not good in the case of this herb. You can try any amount between 5-12 grams of kratom powder to relieve social anxiety. Always begin with a lower kratom dose to avoid the side effects of taking a lot of kratom powder. Gradually work your dosage up while listening to your body and keeping an eye on desired benefits. 

Anything below 5 grams is considered low dosage and can produce stimulant effects. The beginners should try 2 grams. A dose of more than 5 grams can produce much relaxation but has euphoric effects.

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