Experience potent natural effects of Green Maeng DA enhanced with the addition of other natural extracts.

This proprietary formulation offers kratom extract blended with theobroma cacao.

Enjoy a balance of stimulating and euphoric effects.

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Viva Xtreme Extra Strength Kratom Powder

Viva Xtreme Extra Strength Kratom Powder is a powerful blend of kratom and other herbs. This powder extracted from the Green Maeng Da’s leaves is potent to give you an extra kratom kick. The ultra-concentrated proprietary blend makes this powder on par with OPMS Silver Kratom Powder

Each 100g container is brim packed with potent kratom powder to offer a little extra kick to your kratom experience. Green Maeng Da is a potent kratom strain that offers amazing mood-uplifting and energy-boosting properties with manageable euphoria. 

Viva Xtreme has perfected its formulations and creates products that offer extra-strength effects. They blend their kratom extract with theobroma cacao, producing effects similar to caffeine. 

This Viva Xtreme kratom Powder is your chance to enjoy high-quality kratom extract without the high price tag of OPMS.

Product Features
  • Proprietary blend
  • Green Maeng Da leaf powder
  • Blended with Theobroma Cacao Bean Extract
  • Gelatin 
  • Magnesium Stearate 
  • Silicon Dioxide 

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