STNR Kratom Citrus Gummy offers a delicious kratom experience. Each gummy contains 35mg of kratom extract infused in mouthwatering citrus flavor.

This gummy allows users to experience potent kratom effects in a flavorful way. 

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STNR Kratom Citrus Gummy

STNR Kratom Citrus Gummy offers a fun atlernative to enjoy beneficial effects of kratom without any hassles of handling powder and calculating dosage. The rebranding of a company formerly known as STRA8 results in the STNR. 

Each piece of these gummies offer 35mg of premium quality kratom extract. The amazing taste, texture, and long-lasting effects make these gummies highly sought after kratom edibles. The users get potent effects of these gummies while enjoying their citrus flavor taste. 

Each container contains 10 gummies which provide 350mg of kratom extract. There are multiple advantages to take gummies to get your daily kratom dose. These gummies are delicious, discreet, and offer a premeaured amount of kratom. They not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also allow users to take their daily dose at the point of their choice. 

So if you want to take your daily dose at work, on the go, or at a public place, these gummies offer you a convenient way to meet your wellness needs. 

We at the Great Kratom Shop, take pride in the wide variety of kratom products we offer and affordable prices we charge. We added this product because it offers incredible effects and available at affordable price.




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