Red Hot Hippo – Red Vein Maeng Da offers relaxing effects with a gentle kick of energy. You can take a dose of Red Hot Hippo in powder and capsules and enjoy an upbeat, pro-social, and talkative attitude. 


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Red Hot Hippo by Happy Hippo is a highly sought-after product for its amazing effects. Many newbies misperceive Red Maeng Da effects, assuming it is primarily a relaxed strain. However, it pleasantly surprises users by offering a burst of energy with its typical soothing and pain-relieving properties. 

Do you want an energy boost but hate the jitters and anxiety associated with white and green strains? Try this Happy Hippo’s red vein Maeng DA, and you will be elated to get the desired effects.

A dose of Red Hot Hippo, in powder or capsule form, will boost your confidence and encourage an upbeat, talkative, pro-social attitude. The mental clarity, happiness, and enthusiasm pour in that can prove incredible to kick start a new project. Feelings of contentment and joy shower your mind and body making you a joyful spirit. 

How to dose Red Hot Hippo?

Adequate dosing is critical to enjoying desired effects of the potent red Maeng Da kratom. First-time users should take 1 to 1.5 grams, equivalent to a quarter spoon or three capsules. A regular user can take 1.5 to 3 grams. This dose is enough to experience this potent strain’s energetic, mood-boosting, and cognitive effects. Veteran users can get an even larger dose and take 4 to 6 grams. 

However, be mindful of overdosing as it may cause oversedation and other side effects.

What effects will you get?

Red Maeng Da offers more than just soothing properties. The pain-relieving and relaxing effects with a blast of energy give users well-rounded effects. Red Maeng Da wraps users in a blanket, giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling without taking away their energy while keeping them mentally sharp and active. 

That transcends into an incredible feeling of well-being, making this strain excellent for daytime and social events. Overall, you will get relaxation and pain relief with a blast of energy that helps keep you going through the day.

Capsule To Powder Conversions

To calculate your kratom capsule “sweet spot,” use this simple formula:

1 capsule = ½ gram (½ scoop) of kratom powder 

2 capsules = 1 gram (1 scoop) of kratom powder

Product Features
  • Available in capsule and powder form
  • USDA Compliant Resealable pouch
  • Red Maeng DA
  • GMP Certified
Additional information

4oz Powder, 8oz Powder, 100ct Capsules


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