MIT Freeze Kratom Extract Shot boasts 100mg of mitragynine and peppermint packs a punch.

These shots provide an enjoyable experience by masking the bitter taste of kratom.

It produces euphoria and energy that is perfect to accomplish your daily tasks. The users experience consistent sedative effects which later transition into pure relaxation.

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MIT Freeze Kratom Extract Shot

MIT Freeze Kratom Extract Shot boasts 100mg of Mitragynine to offer a whopping kratom leaf powder dose. These shots also contain peppermint which creates a freeze effect as the shot travels from mouth to stomach.

Why these shots?

Not only does this shot provides a potent kratom dose, but also offers an enjoyable experience by masking the bitter, harsh taste of kratom. 

These shots by MIT produce powerful sedative effects which initially give euphoria and lots of energy. These effects slowly transition into more relaxation and analgesia. 

The working professionals and students can benefit from the powerful effects of these shots to achieve their daily goals.

We, the Great Kratom Shop, bring the kratom products that meet the highest quality and consistency standards. These shots meet the gold standards of product quality, potency, and effects.


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