Stop messing with kratom powder and take your kratom dose in a delicious and super convenient way.

Kratom Hippo Poppers Popping infused with a delightful Blue Razzle taste helps you slip into childhood memories.

Each package contains 50mg of mitragynine. These popping candy crystals are convenient, delicious, and easy to take on the go without any mess.

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Kratom Hippo Poppers Popping is yet another yummy kratom treat by Happy Hippo. This innovative product is the first kratom pop rocks iteration seen on the kratom market. Inspired by hemp-derived THC pop rock variations, Happy Hippo launched kratom rock pops. 

These delicious kratom candy crystals are perfect for getting past the bitter kratom taste and spicing up your kratom experience. 

Why Kratom Hippo Poppers Popping?

These delicious kratom cadies are inspired by the famous popping candy of the 90s and early 2000s. As they start popping in your mouth, they bring a delightful taste and pleasant feelings of nostalgia.

These gummies are convenient to take and effective for an on-the-go experience. They are perfect for taking a kratom dose and satisfying your sweet tooth without any mess. Each candy infused with premium kratom extract and tasty Blue Razzle flavor offers a unique experience. 

New users should start small, usually half a bag or less, to assess their tolerance level. These candy crystals are fun and invoke childhood memories, but they contain a potent kratom extract. 

Each bag contains 50mg of mitragynine, roughly equivalent to 4mg of dry leaf powder. 

Product Features
  • 5omg of mitragynine content per bag
  • Tasty Blue Razzle flavor
  • Available in single packs and a bulk 12-pack box
Additional information

Blue Razzle


Single Bag, Full Case (12ct)


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