King Kratom Kratom Extract Powder is a premium quality kratom extract powder. Coming in packings of one and four ounces, it offers flexibility to choose a pack that best suits your needs and preferences.

It is a highly potent powder that offers a premium kratom experience. Perfect for experienced users who want to experience something extra than regular powder can offer. 

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King Kratom Kratom Extract Powder

King Kratom Kratom Extract Powder is a premium quality extract powerder that will never disappoint you. Ever had an O.P.M.S shot? Or any other shot? This kratom extract powder gives you the same effects as an extract shot. 

King Kratom extract is a patented product. It boasts four-fold increase in strength over original Maeng Da powder. 

Kratom Extract vs Powder

The leaves of a mature plant are are used to get kratom powder. The kratom plant leaves are dried before coursely crushed and ground into thin powder. This powder contains all the ingredients of plant matter, nothing is removed. 

On the other hand, kratom extract is relatively concentrated. The initial steps involved in the production of kratom extract and powder are the same. But additional additional process requires to draw kratom extract from kratom leaves. The kratom leaves or kratom powder are boiled for an extended time before the solution is strained. 

This procedure akins to brewing tea allows maximum extraction of alkaloids making the extracts one of the most potent kratom products. 

Why King Kratom Extract?

King Kratom kratom extract boasts the highest quality and consistency standards that offer users premium kratom experience. This highly potent extract packed with natural goodness of the kratom plant to offer you optimimum wellness support. 

We at the Great Kratom Shop only brings products with the highest quality and consistency. Our processes are highly transparent offering users maximum information to make an informed purchase decision. You would love our products, and our prices even more. 

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1 Ounce Powder, 4 Ounce Powder


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