Kats Botanicals White Elephant  offers you longer-lasting energy without jitters.

The strain is sourced from the mature leaves of kratom grown in the JongKong region of Indonesia.

You can take it in Capsule and Powder forms.

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Kats Botanicals White Elephant Kratom 

Kats Botanicals White Elephant Kratom is a potent white vein kratom strain. Made from high quality mature kratom leaves from JongKong region. The region is famous for producing highly potent and more robust alkaloid profile.

The potency of this blend is umatched. Like its name, the strain’s effecgts are large, obvious, and strong. White vein strain typically comes from mature plants. The leaves of kratom plants become large and flappy resembling elephant’s ears. It takes a lot of effort, care, and time to extract high-quality white vein like White Elephant.

Kats Botanicals dries the plant’s fully mature leaves for 24 hours with stems intact. They undergo an additional drying in sun for antoher 24 hours. That locks in potent alkaloids that users looking for to expeirence a strong white vein experience. 

What is White Elephant Kratom used for?

White vein strains are typically associated with energy boosting effects. That is true about White Elephant kratom, but if offers several other beneficial effects as well. The strain promotes a sense of well-being, enhances motivation, and helps in mitigating everyday stressors.

White Elephant is your pick of the day to get consistent, longer-lasting, and clean energy. Unlike energy drinks, you will experience a consistent flow of energy without any jitters. 

The strain is 100% early morning and daytime strain, and users should only use it in evening when they have a plant for the nightout. 

Product features

Kratom Powder

  • JongKong White Vein Kratom
  • Available in 35g Or 250g Bags
  • Daytime Strain
  • Third-Party Lab Tested 

Kratom Capsules

  • JongKong White Vein Kratom
  • Available In 90ct Jar
  • Daytime Strain/High-Energy
  • 600mg Powder Per Cap
  • Third-Party Lab Tested


Additional information

35g Powder, 250g Powder, 90ct Capsules


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