Kats Botanicals have formulated a Special Reserve lineup to offer incredible wellness effects. 

Each 20oz bottle aid users in experiencing an energy boost with calm and laser-like focus. 

You can use it in four servings to enjoy clean, sustained energy all day. 

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Kats Botanicals Special Reserve Orange Extract Shot

Kats Botanicals Special Reserve Orange Extract Shot is a delicious addition to their Special Reserve lineup. These shots are designed to offer users a premium kratom shot experience.

Unlike Kats Botanicals’ regular kratom shots, the Special Reserve lineup brings something extra to the table.  Each 20oz shot offers a blending of 105mg mitragynine and kratom alkaloids, 50mg caffeine, and 50mg l-theanine infused in delicious flavors. 

The potent wellness effects and delicious flavor can make Kats Botanicals Orange Extract Shot your favorite daytime energy drink.

Each serving of Kats Botanicals’ shot offers mildly stimulating effects while promoting focus and motivation. The interaction of L-theanine with GABA receptors helps users experience soothing effects and a feeling of peace. In fact, L-theanine balances out the stimulating effects of kratom alkaloids and caffeine. That prevents users from getting overstimulation and jittery feelings. 

This delicious Kats Botanical Shot can prove your best bet to perform outstandingly with calm and laser-like focus. 

Product Features
  • 2oz Bottle
  • 4 Servings Per Bottle
  • 105mg Mitragynine, 50mg Caffeine, And 50mg L-theanine Per Bottle
  • Sourced from 100% Organic Kratom
  • Lab Tested For Potency And Safety



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