The unique formulation of Kats Botanicals Red Maeng Da extract offer incredible pain relief, energy and focus packed in capsule and powder form. 

The combination of 60% Red Maeng Da and 40% White Maeng Da delivers sense of inner peace and calming focus.

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Kats Botanicals Red Maeng Da Kratom

Kats Botanicals Red Maeng Da Kratom is a 60% red vein and 40& white vein strains blend. The combined effect of both strains offer users incredible pain relief and relaxation through out the day. The users get a burst of energy and motivation to accomplish their daily tasks. 

Kats Botanicals sourced Maeng Da kratom from Jongkong and Burneo regions to ensure meeting highest standards of consistency and purity. They do everything possible to offer users the highest quality and safest products. 

Kats Botanicals use fermented red vein kratom strain dried indoors packed in burlap bags for three days. The fermentation process that follows creates a natural oxidation process that breaks the natural bonds. This process helps Kats Botanicals in getting a more robust alkaloid profile. 

The white vein strain is dried outdoors with stems intact for 48 hours. Later, they combine both strains to manufacutre a perfect energy and pain-relief product. 

Can I use Red Maeng Da for energy?

Every manufacturer uses a proprietary blend where they mix kratom strains in varying strains to create a unique users experience.  Kats Botanicals Red Maeng Da Kratom blend leans heavily towards red as only 40% is white vein kratom. 

That blend of red and white brings users a combination of pain-relief, relaxation, and energy. You are expected to get inner calm along with enhanced foucs and energy after using this blend.

Product Features

Kratom Powder

  • Blend Of 60% Red Vein Borneo, And 40% White Vein JongKong
  • Available in 35g Or 250g Bags
  • Versatile Anytime Blend
  • Third-Party Lab Tested 

Kratom Capsules

  • Blend Of 60% Red Vein Borneo, And 40% White Vein JongKong
  • Available In 90ct Jar
  • Versatile Anytime Blend
  • 600mg Powder Per Cap
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
Additional information

35g Powder, 250g Powder, 90ct Capsules


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