Are you looking for to enjoy the effects of the best kratom available in the market? You are in luck, try Kats Botanicals Plantation Maeng Da Kratom.

It offers a blend of 70% green vein and 30% whtie vein strains. Perfect product to enjoy energy, mood-uplifting, and ehanced foucs. 

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Kats Botanicals Plantation Maeng Da Kratom

Kats Botanicals Plantation Maeng Da Kratom is another product from a reputed manufacturer that delivers incredible wellness effects. The 70% green vein and 30% white vein strains do the trick to offer a blast of energy and focus. 

Plantation Maeng Da is named after a legendary kratom plantation in JongKong region where it is being grown and harvested. Kats Botancials invest a lot of resources and time to find the best kratom farmers in Brunei. That enables them in sourcing the highest quality and the most potent leaf for users.

Plantation Maeng Da Kratom is a perfect early morning to mid-day kratom product. You would love the energizing properties of white vein along with mood-boosting and overall wellness effects of green vein strains.

What does make this extract stand out?

Kats Botanicals do everything possible to preserve the alkaloid profile of the potent Maeng Da kratom strains. They dried green vein strain with stems indoors for 48 hours. The white vein strain is dried indoors for 24 hours before being brought to direct sunlgiht for an additional three hours. 

The dying process enables Kats Botanicals to preserve maximum alkaloids. Then they combine both strains to produce a full-specturm and more potent kratom powder.

Kratom Powder

  • Blend Of 70% Green, 30% White JongKong Kratom
  • Available in 35g Or 250g Bags
  • Energetic Daytime Blend
  • Third-Party Lab Tested 

Kratom Capsules

  • Blend Of 70% Green, 30% White JongKong Kratom
  • Available In 90ct Jar
  • Energetic Daytime Blend
  • 600mg Powder Per Cap
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
Additional information

35g Powder, 250g Powder, 90ct Capsules


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