Kats Botanicals brings a highly potent classic green vein Maeng Da strain.

The proprietary blend of 80% green vein and 20% white vein strains offer incredible wellness benefits.

Enjoy green vein strain’s classic mood-boosting and stimulating effects which are bolstered by white vein strain. 

Available in capsule and powder form.

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Kats Botanicals Green Maeng Da Kratom

Kats Botanicals Green Maeng Da Kratom contains a high-octane kratom blend that is suitable for morning to mid-day usage. Kats uses a proprietary formulation involving 80% green vein and 20% white vein kratom to offer an incredible kratom experience. 

Both newbies and veterans like this blend due to its all-around effects. Maeng Da is a remarkable strain that produces strong effects. The strain’s energy and mood-boosting properties address perfectly users wellness needs. The addition of 20% white vein ensures users get motivation and focus along with the stimulating and calming effects of green vein strain. 

Green Maeng Da is an exceptionally potent and alkaloid-rich kratom strain. Kats applying their harvesting techniques extract alkaloids that offer high potency and full-spectrum effects. They offer kratom extract in powder and capsule forms. Later make a highly suitable option for people who can not stand the bitter kratom taste.

The green vein leaves are dried for sixteen hours after destemming. Then they are taken outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight for 45 minutes. Kats exercise the highest care during the drying process because the slightest variations in the drying process may produce different alkaloid profiles. 

Product Features

Kratom powder

  • 80% Green Vein And 20% White Vein Brunut Kratom
  • Available in 35g Or 250g Bags
  • High-potency Early Morning/Daytime Blend
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Kratom capsules

  • 80% Green Vein And 20% White Vein Brunut Kratom
  • Available In 90ct Jar
  • High-potency Early Morning/Daytime Blend
  • 600mg Powder Per Cap
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
Additional information

35g Powder, 250g Powder, 90ct Capsules


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