Kats Botancials Kratom Flavored Packs are simple, easy to use and offer incredibly delicios taste. 

These packs come in 5 various flavors that mask the kratom taste like no one else. 

Each pack gives you 2.5g Maeng Da powder and 2.5g natural flavoring.

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Kats Botanicals Flavored Kratom Packs

Kats Botanicals Flavored Kratom Packs bring an innovative and tasty way to enjoy the kratom benefits. Kratom tastes bitter and it is hard to mask. As demand for kratom products is rising, manufacturers are trying various ways to mask the original kratom flavor. 

Some infuse flavor and aroma to produce delicious kratom gummies, others are making flavored kratom and drink additives. These products assist new users who finding it hard to deal with awaful bitter kratom flavor and even veterans who can not stand the taste. 

Kats Botanicals flavored kratom powder come in five delicious flavor profiles. You can choose from Caramel Apple, Horchata, Berry Blast, Chocolate, and Orange Cream. 

They have done everything to make this product simple, easy, convenient and flavorful. Each pack contains 2.5g of potent Maeng Da powder and 2.5g of natural flavoring. All you require is to just open the pack and pour it into water, stir it for a while and your drink is ready. 

Flavor profiles

Caramel Do you fancy enjoying a crisp, delcious apple covered in caramel? Who does not? Caramel Apple Flavored Kratom Packs offer incredily effects while feeling amazing in mouth. 

Horchata – It is a traditional Mexican drink made from cinnamon, granutalted Tiger Nuts, and white rice. Kats Bontaincals have done the great job by adding essential taste of Horchata to pure, potent kratom powder to offer an incredible kratom experience. 

Berry Blast – Berry Blast brings the delicous taste of berries to your kratom expereince. Now you can enjoy beneficial effects of kratom while enjoying this incredible bearry flavor.

Chocolate – Chocolate flavored kratom packs allow users to indulge in the smooth, creamy chocolate flavor in kratom drink mix. Best away to address your rich, chocolatey taste cravings.

Orange Cream – It allows users to enjoy their kratom dose with a fruity burst of orange flavor. We bet you would crave for this great-tasting kratom after trying it once. 

Product Features
  • 5 gram flavor packs
  • Plain leaf Maeng Da kratom powder
  • Five unique flavors
  • Lab tested for quality and safety


Additional information

Caramel Apple, Horchata, Berry Blast, Chocolate, Orange Cream


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