Kats Botanicals offers a superior-quality kratom shot to meet your everyday wellness needs.

They extract natural alkaloids and 125mg of pure mitragynine from their Red Bali Powder. 

Each 15ml bottle contains two 62.5mg servings to make you feel energetic, happy, and calm. 


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Kats Botanicals Bali 45 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot

Kats Botanicals Bali 45 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is signature kratom shot from a reputed kratom manufacturer. They have done every possbile thing to find out techniques and extraction methods to produce a top-class product. 

Kats Botanicals has applied modern extraction processes and techniques to drive pure mitragynine from their Red Bali Kratom powder. Each bottle offers two servings of plant alkaloids and 125mg of pure mitragynine. 

This 15ml kratom shot is your new 5-hours energy shot but without any crash. These bottles are highly portable allowing users to take them on the go and can fit nicely to bags, purses, or even pockets. 

You will get plant-based energy helping you going through the day. Bali 45 kratom Extract shot is a natural alternative to energy drinks and other stimulatns that leve users with jitters, anxiety, and terrible crash. You will experience a neat, clean, and jitter-free energy with a mood boost. 

Benefits of kratom liquid extract shots

Using kratom liquied extract shots bring kratom users several benefits. These kratom shots are incredibly convenient to use. You can easily put them into bag, purse or pocket. The users can enjoy them whenever and wherever they like without any preparation and clean up. 

Using kratom powder can turn messy sometime. If you are not taking it thorugh toss-and-wash method, it will take long time to brew the tea. On the other hand, liquid kratom extract shots are like 5-hours energy shot. You just open them and take them. 

Another advantage of taking kratom shots is they produce relatively quicker effects. You do not need to wait for hours for capsules and powder to be ingested compeltely to release the alkaloids into bloodstream.

Extract shots are quick to hit letting users feel amazing in minutes. The effects persist for 4 to 6 hours for the users.

Product Features
  • Red Bali derived kratom extract
  • 15ml shot
  • Two servings of 62.5 mitragynine and other alkaloids
  • Free from gluetn, GMOs and vegan friendly
  • Reverse osmosis water 
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency



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