Formula 5150 Tropical Evergreen Shot boasts an innovative formulation that combines nootropics and tropical extracts. It produces incredible wellness effects for the mind and the body.

The addition of flavors makes using this tincture a delicious treat. Our affordable prices, discreet, and transparent shipping offer a great value for your money. 

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Formula 5150 Tropical Evergreen Shot

Formula 5150 Tropical Evergreen Shot is an innovative formulation from Herbal Salvation. The Oregon-based company specializes in hemp and kratom extracts. 

They combined nootropics and concentrated extracts to formulate a wellness supplement that meets modern-day lifestyle needs. Tropical evergreen extracts boast an incredible potential to promote sleep and relaxation. 

Herbal Salvation has taken the wellness supplements to the next level; you will get a wonderful blend of varying enriched ingredients packed in a 15ml bottle. 

Formula 5150 shot contains the following all-natural ingredients.

  • coconut, kava,
  • Yohimbe bark powder,
  • and grape seed

You will also enjoy the beneficial effects of the following neuroenhancers and vitamins.

  • prydoxine B6,
  • huperzine A,
  • Ginko Biloba,
  • Nano hemp oil extract
  • Natural sugars & vitamins
  • Ethanol,
  • Mineral water,
  • Flavoring

The neuroenhancers and vitamins – prydoxine B6, huperzine A, and ginko biloba – present in this tincture help to promote focus and creativity. This tincture is great for groups, teams, and individuals striving to find creative solutions to their problems.

Nano hemp oil extract gives overall body wellness and mood enhancement. The addition of natural and artificial flavorings makes using this supplement pure fun. 

Not only does Formula 5150 provides incredible wellness effects but also tastes insanely delicious. All-natural goodness of enriched ingredients packed in a convenient 15ml packing. 



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