EXP Botanicals E2 Kratom Shot 15ml is a highly concentrated shot boasting 125mg extract packed in a 15ml bottle.

This highly potent shot contains 80% kratom extract and is only suitable for seasoned users.

Each bottle has three 5ml servings to offer a different kind of kratom experience.

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EXP Botanicals E2 Kratom Shot 15ml

Experience Botanicals E2 Kratom Shot sets apart from other similar products due to its high quality and consistency. E2 kratom boasts the highest kratom extract, whereas most others are 110mg or below; the E2 shot contains a whopping 125gm of kratom content.

These shots are one of the purest available on the market; Experience Botanical doesn’t use petroleum-based solvents to extract the alkaloids. Instead, they use food-grade solvents in their extraction process. They ensure the final product is free of solvents and is perfectly safe for consumption. 

E2 Kratom Shot is a potent product with 125MIT content packed in a 15ml bottle. This high concentration of alkaloids can pack a punch, making it only suitable for seasoned users. Each bottle contains three servings of 5ml. 

  • Water, kosher Vg,
  • kratom extract,
  • and citric acid

We at the Great Kratom Shop added E2 Kratom Shots to our kratom shot product line to offer an option for seasoned users who need a potent shot. The product boasts the highest quality and safety standards, therefore, it is effective and safe to enjoy the wellness benefits of the kratom plant. 


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