Club 13 crafted Executive Blend Kratom to unleash energy and motivation to take on your routine work.

The 50/50 proprietary blend of yellow and white veins gives a push that helps you keep going through the day.  You can try this blend in powder as well as capsule forms.

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Club 13 Executive Blend Kratom

Club 13 Executive Blend Kratom is a 50/50 blend of the finest yellow vein and white vein powders. The users appreciate the potent euphoric and energetic experience this blend offers. 

Executive Blend Kratom unleashes your executive potential by delivering an extra kick of energy and motivation. The perfect blend of the most energetic kratom strains provides a highly motivating, uplifting, and invigorating product that helps you go beyond the 3 pm wall. 

Club 13 Executive Blend kratom capsules and powder

Executive Blend kratom comes in capsule and powder forms. You can choose a bag packed with 30 gm, 90 gm, 150 gm, and a pound of powder. The capsules are available in 25 ct, 50 ct, and 120 ct bottles. 

Kratom powder or capsules?

Adding kratom powder to the morning or afternoon tea remains one of the most popular ways to enjoy its energetic effects. You can enjoy a cup of tea packed with energy and freshness from the comfort of your home. 

By adding an ingredient or flavor to tea you can customize it to suit your tastebuds, tasty additives are endless. Besides incredible taste, you will get quick kratom effects as it activates faster in tea. Above all, an Executive Blend Kratom powder bag is more economical and gives more bang for your buck.

On the other hand, capsules offer a convenient way to enjoy kratom benefits for seasoned and new users alike. They mask the bitter kratom taste and come in a pre-portioned form which makes them ideal for on-the-go consumption. You will get approximately 0.95 grams of powder from each capsule.

Why Club 13?

Club 13 is a leading kratom manufacturer operating in this space since 1999. Their knowledge of users’ kratom needs and ceaseless dedication to meeting them with quality products set them apart from their competitors. 

They source directly from Indonesia to ensure importing the highest quality ingredients. Club 13 get its products tested by third-party labs to offer products with the highest quality and purity. With unprecedented quality and safety, their products will never disappoint you.

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Executive Blend Powder, Executive Blend Capsules

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30g, 90g, 150g, 1 Pound, 25ct, 50ct, 120ct


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