Blizz Kratom Extra Strength Premium Capsule Bottles offer a premium kratom experience at its best. 

Blizz Kratom has gone the extra mile to ensure you get the finest kratom effects. You can choose from three widely sought-after kratom strains and several CT options.

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Blizz Kratom Extra Strength Premium Capsule Bottles is a quality product from a reputed kratom manufacturer. Previously known as Kijo, they are transforming and have adopted the latest techniques and practices to meet their customers’ needs in the best possible way.

They manufacture products with quality, vegan, gluten-free, and responsibly sourced ingredients. That is the reason their products offer incredible quality, consistency, and safety.

These kratom capsule bottles come in four capsule count options. You can choose from three strain profiles – White Bali, Red Thai, and Green Maeng Da. Each of these strain profiles offers distinctive benefits. That allows users to choose a kratom strain that best suits their needs.

Strain profiles

White Bali: White Bali hails from the Bali region of Indonesia. This strain is famous for its distinctive effects. Most people use it to enjoy stimulation and euphoria.

Green Maeng Da: This strain is one of the most potent kratom strains. This strain offers excellent mood-boosting and analgesic properties.

Red Thai: Red Thai is known to offer a blend of energizing and euphoric effects. It provides the best relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Product Features
  • Available in three strain profiles
  • 4 CT options
  • Premium quality kratom powder
  • Resealable child-proof bottles
Additional information

White Bali, Green Maeng Da, Red Thai


60ct, 150ct, 300ct, 500ct


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