Blizz Kratom Extra Strength Enhanced Extract Capsules come in pre-measured kratom quantities for convenient dosing. 

Experience focus and energy associated with kratom extract with much more intensity.

Available in 2CT and 5CT

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Blizz Kratom Extra Strength Enhanced Extract Capsules offer more potent effects than regular kratom capsules and powder. They use responsibly sourced kratom and apply advanced techniques to obtain a high-quality extract, then they enhance it naturally to offer highly potent effects. 

If you need an energy boost and enhanced focus to get through your day, these extra strenght capsules can get the job done. 

What is the difference between kratom powder and extract?

The initial process of getting the kratom powder and extract is similar. The matured kratom plants are crushed into a fine powder. This powder contains all the alkaloids naturally found in the kratom plant. No further processing requires for kratom powder. But for extracts, crushed leaves are boiled and then strained to draw concentrated alkaloids that offer more potent effects and benefits.

Why Blizz Kratom Extract Capsules?

Blizz Kratom sets itself apart from others by adding more alkaloids to their extracts. These capsules offer users a potent kratom experience. They produce energizing and relaxing effects like no one other does. 

Prodcut Features
  • Enhanced extract
  • Available in 2ct and 5 ct per bag
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
Additional information
CT Options

2CT Capsules, 5CT Capsules


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